September 28, 2016

Preparing for Tour Season in Music City

Branding Your Band!

Tour season is about to kick off, and bands all across Nashville are coming to Big Visual Group for our branding expertise. With our extensive portfolio that includes anything and everything a band might need — from the small stuff like handbills, posters, luggage tags, and lanyards, to the big stuff like stage backdrops, merch booths, instrument wraps, and tour bus wraps — we can handle just about anything our clients throw our way.

When it comes to preparing for tour season, there are three branding aspects to consider: promoting the show, venue visuals, and performance visuals. All of these facets to branding are crucial to providing consistent and professional brand awareness for your band, as they all come together and ensure that you are maximizing your band’s reach.

  • Aspect 1: Tour Prep — Tour prep includes anything that you would use to promote the show before the actual event. This includes posters, luggage tags, handbills, stickers, stencils, and even tour bus wraps. While all of these methods are great ways to promote your show, wrapping the vehicle you are traveling in is one of the best things you can do to publicize your band. It’s a moving billboard that can get literally thousands of views per mile driven.
  • Aspect 2: At the Event — There are several ways to brand and promote your band once you actually arrive at the venue. These include lanyards, autograph/photo backdrops, merch graphics, vinyl or fabric stage banners, retractable banner stands, and instrument wraps. Any of these items can provide a good opportunity for fans to take pictures with your band and tag you on social media. Wrapped instruments can also be used as a promotional giveaway item, which would make any fan’s night.
  • Aspect 3: Performing — Having branded visual items on stage while you’re performing is huge. Not only does it give your band a more professional look, but it can also provide some really cool aesthetics to complement your performance. Just imagine a stage backdrop that lights up and changes colors with the beat of the drums, or instruments that have your band’s logo on them.

At Big Visual Group, we are no strangers to pulling out all of the stops for some well designed and highly crafted branding materials for bands. One band we do a lot for is Grammy award-winning Christian band, for KING & COUNTRY, who has been a client of ours for over eight years. Our Office and Sales Support Director, Andie Applegate, is married to their Assistant Manager, and because so, we’ve developed a close relationship with them over the years. The first thing we produced for for KING & COUNTRY was an 8’ x 8’ backdrop, and from there we’ve moved onto much bigger (and some smaller) things. We’ve produced piano graphics, bass drums (ranging from a 19 1/2” kick drum all the way to a 40” standing drum), small format posters and flyers to promote their upcoming shows, a huge 8’ x 28’ stage backdrop, luggage tags, and lanyards. for KING & COUNTRY has performed on Jay Leno’s The Tonight Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live and the Today show, with our backdrops and instruments, which we think is pretty amazing. Check out these awesome pictures below of the stuff we’ve produced for them.

for KING & COUNTRY Live Shot
for KING & COUNTRY Drum Head
for KING & COUNTRY Lanyard
for KING & COUNTRY Poster

We also work closely with another Christian band, Sidewalk Prophets, who has been a client for about seven years. In December of 2009, we wrapped their tour van and trailer, and from there we’ve produced merch displays for their shows, countless guitar wraps and a bunch of banners. Sidewalk Prophets has been so impressed with what we’ve produced for them that guitarist Ben McDonald took to Facebook to give us some props:

“I rarely see fit to do this but wanted to take the time to point out a company that really understands how to operate here in Nashville. We’ve worked for a handful of years now with Big Visual Group and they have continually served Sidewalk Prophets on many different levels. They are a one-stop shop for any and all marketing/promo material. They wrapped our big blue van, created multiple banners, and most recently created an LED back-lit sign that looks absolutely amazing. What makes the company so great goes beyond the product… if anything goes wrong they take care of it, their staff is full of customer-minded amazing people. Literally from bottom to top they have a great staff. Thanks for taking care of us BIG!”

Sidewalk Prophets Backlit Sign
Sidewalk Prophets Vehicle Wrap
Sidewalk Prophets Guitar Wrap

As you can see, we are experts at producing anything and everything your band might need to gear up for tour season. Aside from Sidewalk Prohpets and for KING & COUNTRY, we’ve also worked with Rascal Flatts, Florida Georgia Line, and Brad Paisley, producing fleet wraps for them. We have more than enough experience, and we are always eager to make your band look more professional with a wide array of branding materials. Big Visual Group can turn your vision into a reality and help your band reach its full potential!