December 31, 2015

New Machines! The 2016 Upgrade Update

There’s rarely a quiet moment in the Big Visual print shop, with printers and machinery of all sorts constantly buzzing and humming to churn out printed products of all sizes, shapes and materials. Complex and efficient as the printers are, Big Visual is always keeping tabs on new technology and looking to upgrade to cutting-edge machinery. Staying up-to-date on the latest printing technology is a no-brainer for Big Visual, as upgrades result in higher quality of product for the customer and more efficient processes for us to deliver it. Here are a handful of upgrades that we’ve invested in to prepare for a busy 2016.

The dye-sublimation printer is being replaced by a direct print-to-sublimate system, the Printer Evolution EOS126DS. Previously, printing on fabric was a two-machine transfer process, with a design printed onto paper and then transferred onto fabric by the dye-sub machine.

The new printer is capable of performing both of these tasks. The design is printed directly onto the fabric and is sublimated before it comes out of the machine — then it’s ready to sew. With better resolution heads and a quicker process, this upgrade will result in higher quality materials and faster production times.

We are also replacing the Fuji flatbed printer with a Novus Imaging Ultra UV LED Flatbed Printer. The new machine loads and unloads automatically, and has an auto masking vacuum table utilized to print specific small custom shapes. For example, if an ADA-compliant sign is already fabricated with braille and numbers, but it needs a company logo, you can put it on the flatbed printer, which will imprint the logo exactly where it needs to go with impressive precision.

And last but not least, Big Visual has already started using the shiny, brand new HP PageWide XL 8000. This high-speed, high-quality poster printer is capable of printing 30 2-foot-by-3-foot posters in a single minute. (For those of you keeping score at home, that is fast. Incredibly fast.) With an increasing demand for posters from some clients, this machine’s speed and quality capabilities make it possible to deliver large quantities of posters at a fair price point.

The HP PageWide XL 800 Poster Printer
A Freshly Printed Poster from the HP PageWide XL 800