March 20, 2017
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Meet the Team: Dustin Roark

Title: Graphic Artist
Roles: Being a creative genius and putting a smile on daily

Dustin Roark is a Lafayette, Tennessee, native who ventured to Nashville for college. At the time, he was looking for a school to study animation and 3D modeling. However, he gravitated more to graphic design as his true academic interest. Dustin had always felt confident that he would somehow end up working in a creative field, so after college he decided to join a print and signage company called Precision Sign Works. The print and signage industry was a perfect fit for his creative mind. After Dustin worked at Precision Sign Works for about five years, the company was acquired by Big Visual Group. We sure did get lucky to have this talented guy merge with our team!

Throughout his career, Dustin has worked in a variety of departments, including the finishing department and ASD. About a year ago, Dustin migrated into our design room. There, he could take all the knowledge he had learned from working in the different areas of a print company and focus on his ADA, wayfinding, and dimensional signage design expertise. Dustin has become a true guru in these particular divisions, since he’s become familiar with the requirements of the products. Therefore, Dustin is able to seamlessly please his clients daily. A typical day in Dustin’s life includes duties like creating designs from scratch and preparing signs to head to production.

“We are constantly ensuring that Big Visual Group remains the best sign company in town. We have the ability to change processes or order new equipment, if we see a need, due to our supportive management team, which makes our customers happy in return,” said Dustin. “It’s also the most enjoyable and fun place to work in town. We truly work as a team, which provides a nice and productive environment.”

Dustin is particularly empowered by the awesome design team he is a part of. “Everyone is very eclectic and different in their speciality. We have Marker Monday each week, which is a time for all the designers to come together and express their design abilities by drawing a variety of subjects. It’s fun to see how everyone expresses themselves differently with their design talents.”

Outside the office, Dustin has many passions. Baseball is number one on his list, and he enjoys it in any shape or form, from attending minor league games to watching the Atlanta Braves on TV. Custom cars are another of Dustin’s hobbies. He loves seeing what people do to make a car fit their personality. If Dustin could deck out a custom car of his own, we think it would be decorated in a Brave-themed design!