July 13, 2017
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Meet the Team: Cassie Isenhower-Coon

Title: Graphic Designer
Roles: Web Design, Illustration, “Jack of all Design Trades”, Artist

Originally from Waldron, Arkansas, our July Employee of the Month honoree (and July’s Meet the Team feature), Cassie Isenhower-Coon, made her way from the small town farm life to Nashville, Tennessee, 10 years ago to begin college. While she first started her college journey looking into the field of medical science, Cassie was quickly lured toward the appeal of several art schools, which drastically changed her career direction. Cassie says, “I had always loved doing crafts with my grandmother. I had never really known or explored the options about having a career in art.” With the change of direction, Cassie ended up getting her graduate degree from Watkins College of Art, Design & Film in Nashville. Cassie is now proud to hold a degree in art design with web design and illustration concentrations, which makes her highly qualified in her role at Big Visual Group.

After graduation, Cassie worked at Powell Creative, where she was responsible for graphic design, in addition to web design and illustration work. Her first day at Big Visual Group was on June 1, 2016. Cassie first learned about the company through her now coworker, Miranda, who approached her about an opportunity at Big Visual Group through a mutual friend. Cassie says, “Everyone has a special connection here, whether meeting through mutual friends or being referred by friends or family, so maybe that’s why I feel so at home here at Big Visual Group.”

What does a day in the life of Cassie look like at Big Visual Group? Well, Cassie says no two days are ever alike. “Projects are always different, and a lot of them have quick turnarounds,” says Cassie. “I never know what the day will look like when I arrive to work,  but I like that,” she adds. Web design and development are areas that are unique to Cassie’s role, however she considers herself a “Jack of all trades” in the design room and enjoys learning new and different skills. Some of Cassie’s favorite projects involve designing brochures and catalogs.

Why does Cassie love working at Big Visual? She says it’s a designer’s playground. “You can design anything you want, and you can physically create it at our facility, too,” says Cassie. She is proud of the fact that she can print a quick sample, pick it up in the production room, and then review it and adjust the design as needed. Cassie also loves the team at Big Visual Group. “The people here are great. Everyone’s got their own passions that they work on here and/or outside of work,” says Cassie. “For example, Miranda is talented at calligraphy. Like Miranda, everyone here somehow incorporates their talents into their specific jobs at Big Visual Group. Everyone here is a craftsman,” she adds. Above all, Cassie is grateful that she gets to live her passion for art each day on the job.

Our Creative Director, Ryan Payne, said, “Cassie is a valued asset to our design team. She has fit in since her first day here and has quickly learned the ins and outs of our facility, gaining the respect of all of her coworkers along the way. I never hesitate to give Cassie a complicated job — I know it will be completed correctly, quickly, and with a confident smile!”

Outside of work, Cassie loves to travel. She finds much inspiration from the people, places, and experiences she discovers while exploring new places. “I enjoy being immersed into different cultures, and I find ways to create art from them,” says Cassie. Ultimately, Cassie loves to travel with her husband, Andrew, whom she met a year after starting college. Cassie and Andrew will celebrate their five-year wedding anniversary during the month of July—another wonderful milestone for her to celebrate this month!