November 14, 2017

Leveraging Direct Mail To Increase Black Friday Sales

Black Friday is marketing chaos. Consumer’s social media feeds and email inboxes get flooded with ads. What can you do to cut through the noise? The answer is a direct mail campaign.

As digital ads fly around our screens, direct mail offers something real. It has weight. You can touch it. In fact, neuroscience research shows that paper-based content and ads often connect more with our brains. And marketing research shows that it’s a far-from-dead conversion strategy.

We are here to help you design, print, and execute your direct mail marketing campaign. Here are a few tips to get you started:

1. Timing is Everything

Send your ad too early and people might forget about it… too late and they’re already at grandma’s chowing down on turkey and stuffing. We recommend your ad hits mailboxes on the Saturday before Thanksgiving. People are still likely to be home if they are planning to travel, and they’re still likely to be receptive to ads before the digital blitz that’s to come.

2. Strive for a Different Look and Feel

Junk mail is still junk, and as consumers flip through their mail, they have an uncanny ability to sort through the garbage. But a different material, stock, or even message can get them to look twice at your offer. Leave out the salesy language and lame “SALES!” graphics. Speak on a more personal level so that once you have their attention, you can push the prospect farther down the funnel.

3. Offer something

Consumers equate Black Friday with deep discounts. Now’s not the time for brand awareness campaigns. You want sales. In fact, that’s how Black Friday gets its name. It takes companies profits from red to black. A promo code for your website, a coupon for your services, or a free gift with a purchase will work to convert impressions into conversions.

Get an edge this holiday shopping season by putting a direct mail campaign to work. As more and more businesses increase the competition on digital channels, there’s an opportunity to connect with consumers in a real and meaningful way through mailboxes.

We’re here to help you get all your small format mailers designed, produced, and distributed. Focusing on high-quality materials and impactful design, you’ll stand out from the crowd. Get in touch with one our visual identity specialists today.