December 21, 2016
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Cheers to Our Holiday CollaBEERation

The Big Visual Group design team wanted to create a special holiday promotional item. So, they began a year-long process in early 2016 for a project that they, along with the production team, could work together on. They wanted to execute a fun, involved piece that would tie together all of their skills—packaging, design, logo creation, small format printing, large format printing, contour cutting, illustration, calligraphy, and more.

Our Creative Director, Ryan Payne, said his goal was to have a “tour de force across the company to showcase strengths.” Ryan said, “We challenged ourselves to bite off a little more than we could chew in order to push ourselves. When it was all said and done, we wanted to have something that highlighted how we rose to the occasion and that would make us proud.”

After much brainstorming, we knew that “collaBEERating” with Mayday Brewery to make special packaging and a one-of-a-kind craft beer was the perfect answer. Partnering with Mayday Brewery was a natural fit. Our company crafts signage tailored to each specific client, and Mayday Brewery produces original, specialty craft beer. The Winter Soulstice holiday promotion was born. Every single piece of the project was curated with great care—from the logo design to the color palette to the taste of the beer.

“I really enjoyed learning about beer and working with Mayday Brewery, because research and concepting are two of my favorite steps in the design process. I’m always impressed with how well our team works together to create and produce the best design possible. I think I did at least 15 “S” drawings for the wax seal with various pens and pencils before it was just right.” – Miranda Fuller, Big Visual Group Graphic Designer

Our whole team worked hard to make this holiday promotion come together, especially our design team. One of our talented graphic designers, Jake Swimmer, said, “I think the whole outcome was beyond anything we could have imagined. The end product was very satisfying, because we had the opportunity to create something from nothing, and we had most of the control over the end result. Crafting a beer from scratch and working with locals is something that not many companies have the opportunity to do. Fortunately, we work with several progressive individuals who are willing to allow the design team to dream big and shoot for the stars.”

Want to taste the Winter Soulstice beer? Head over to Mayday Brewery and ask for our special concoction!

Do you want to dive even more into the details of this holiday promotion? Visit our holiday landing page today!